Some say that you can have your first conversation after learning the Korean language in less than five hours. This makes it among the easiest international languages to learn.  Tutors have come up with a unique method which helps a student not forget Korean in their lifetime. You thus, do not necessarily have to travel to Korea to learn their language. Online classes are available which make it very easy to learn the Korean Language. There is an Insider Learning Community provided online where you can exchange ideas with other learners. All this can be accessed online as long as you have adequate internet access. Learning Korean language has been made even better with the freedom to choose from various tutors online through various websites.

FluentU is an online platform which offers an interactive and comprehensive form of learning for different learners. The site takes real world videos like news, music videos, inspiring talks among others and turns them into personalized learning lessons for the Korean language. Each video contains a variety of language features like different vocabulary and comprehension questions. By signing up as a FluentU member, you are able to gain access to these videos which also feature native Korean speakers. Learners are thus able to experience and understand the Korean language as it is spoken currently. You can also search for videos that contain a particular topic or grammar phrase. By listening and reading the different vocabulary, pronunciation also becomes easy. This site also enables one to watch a video in English and get Korean subtitles for advanced practice.

Memrise is a site meant entirely for beginners. It is not exclusively a Korean site. It however gives various Korean sections to choose from. It mainly assists in pronunciation of words in the Korean language. This is achieved by listening to sounds, trying out questions with multiple choices and leaning the alphabets which later aids in understanding different vocabulary.

Talking2Koreans is another site meant for training beginners. It is designed to make the experience to studying from a textbook. It provides resources including eBooks and audio files for the learners. It began as a language activity for a famous language textbook which later resulted to coming up of a number of textbooks.

The cyber university of Korea offers a free online course for learners. It is meant for the people who want more than just learning but want to pursue Korean academics. It requires beginners to have more command of the language besides basic vocabulary before joining.

These are some but a few of the many platforms and ways you can learn Korean online. In order to achieve great results at the end of your learning, it is advisable to make a schedule after enrolment and follow up on your lessons. A notebook is important for writing down key points and new vocabulary which help during personal practice. It is also important to note that there are many sites to learn Korean online therefore any individual has a variety to choose from.

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