The Viking arm is a hand-held versatile tool, that is an expert in all kinds of installation and construction activities. It is designed to provide the mastery of comfort, flexibility, precision, and strength. Lifting heavy items, installing windows, doors, cabinets, porches, and floor decks is no longer a hassle. The diversity of its uses is unlimited. The Viking arm tool uses vary from one person to another, making the device a necessity to every construction technician who values the quality of their work. 

The machine can be useful for several purposes at home or construction sites not limited to the list below.

Lifting heavy objects

This hand-held device weighs 1.4kg and can lift objects that are approximately 150kg heavy through clamping. It is built with strong materials-aluminum and steel- which increases its resistance to breakage under tension. The tool has a heavy base which allows lifting and lowering of heavy objects like furniture, wood, and other construction materials at a site. Lifting heavy objects is one of the most common Viking arm tool uses in the present day.

Installation and mounting work

By reducing the number of people needed to install or mount surfaces, floors, doors, or windows, the Viking arm tool uses reduce the cost and time consumed on these tasks. All mounting and installation works can be done by one person and in lesser time. Some of these tasks include installing walls, floors, cabinets, windows, and porches. 

Leveling objects to precision

Cabinets, walls, and doors are supposed to be leveled up to the same height levels. Using two Viking arm tools for very heavy objects on different sides is very useful when leveling. The machine comes with two buttons for either lifting or lowering until precise measurements are acquired.

When building, the machine can also be used to hold down objects when the builder is working on other sites or when he takes a break. Viking arm tool uses can be diversified depending on the needs of the builder. 

The summation of the Viking arm tool uses boils down to the user. Lifting, lowering, flooring, and mounting are just some of the ways the machine can be utilized at a construction site by a builder. At the end of the day, the machine user will maximize the time and resources required to perform certain tasks and will be steps ahead of the user who doesn’t use it. The device is a worthy purchase that brings modernity and invention to the table.

Viking Arm hand held jack tool