A limousine is a luxurious large car which is usually licensed to different transport passengers for a given amount of money. It’s usually operated by a chauffeur and unlike taxis they lack taximeters. Limousines are usually partitioned into two sections that is the chauffeurs section and a huge passenger sections. The passenger section can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 to 18 people sitting comfortably depending on the size of the vehicle.

Most people usually go for limousine rental in Canada when going to events like birthday parties, weddings, prom nights, family vacation and also during launching of new products. This is because of the great elegance that comes with the arrival into an event in style with heads raised up high which leaves a lasting impression that people will never forget. The following is a review of the different types of limousines in Canada;

Sedan limousine

It is usually grand, compact and three to four passengers can fit inside it comfortable. Most people prefer this limousine because it is the most economical when it comes to travelling. Most business people require their services to navigate from the airport to other places and also attend meetings. Travelling in this limousine leaves a good impression to your clients and is also the best option compared to taxis and cabs especially when you want to arrive at your destination in style.

Limo bus

Most people usually refer to it as a party bus and are much bigger than a regular limousine. It has a great capacity and can accommodate up to thirty passengers travelling to a common destination. It’s equipped with other spectacular features like leisure sofas, drinking zones, restroom, strobes, upholstered and also disco lights and floors. When it comes to limousine rentals in Canada it is the best option for hosting a party in a moving vehicle and most people host their bachelor and birthday parties in them.

Stretch Limo

As the name suggest it is an expansion of the sedan version of a limousine. It has more seats that can accommodate more than four people. The seats are arranged on the sides depending on the interior designs which come with different varieties. Other special features incorporated in the stretch limousine include; LED lights, champagne flutes, high standard audio visual systems, and also bars. A window separates the passenger and chauffeurs section which enables them to communicate effectively like giving new instructions.

Classic vintage limousine

If you are a huge fan of old school cars and you prefer them from the sleek ones then a classic vintage limousine will definitely impress you. In most cases it is usually available in most places as the size of a sedan and can carry four passengers. The classic vintage limousine has a bigger space and is available in different colors ranging from pink to white. They are mostly used by passengers to travel to events and airports. It enables one to travel a long distance with a great deal of comfort.

In conclusion Limousine rental in Canada offer the best services which any desired customer will likely enjoy. Their ability to customize the limousines to fit the needs of their customers is also amazing. The free gifts like the free ride and the top class services give the customers an incomparable pleasure when cruising on their limousines which tend to encourage them to repeat businesses with them in the near future.